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Who We Are

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Adult Students

Mission Academy of Mathematics and Science is located in Silicon Valley, California, USA. All our Teachers had years of experience in Industry and education with advanced degrees in Master's or Ph.D.

Our goal is to promote equal education of quality for all students at affordable prices and build up a solid foundation in engineering and science, Mathematics, prepare our students for advanced study in College, and future challenges in their career.

We offer remote classes for students from K8 to K12, and early college classes in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, and Biology so that students will build a solid foundation and help students get admission from the nation’s top Universities if students have the confidence of

“Yes, I can".

As we promote equal opportunity of quality education, so that every student who wants to learn and prepare to face the challenge of further study in the top universities of the nation and graduate school

As we are concentrated on mathematics, Science, the classes we offered are concentrated on High school math from 8k to 12k, AP Physics and preparation, AP Chemistry and preparation, AP Calculus and preparation, AP statistics and preparation, AP Biology and preparation, SAT preparation.

For the college classes, we offer Calculus, Differential equations, Engineering Mathematics.

We are an Academy concentrates on Mathematics, science and prepare the students for the challenge of the Top engineering and science Schools and the technology development, we are in Silicon Valley, The Global center of new innovations. Wish all students have a happy learning experience, with lots of challenges in our Academy.


Who We Are

Our Teachers

Adult Students

Hi! My name is Edward Lee, I got my BS degree in Taiwan from Tatung Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering, and a Master degree in Chemical Engineering from Lamar University in the area of Kinetics and control system. During my graduate study, I also worked as a TA in school to teach undergraduate Chemistry and Physics .


After getting my MS degree I started to work on the process design of natural gas processing and refinery  plant from the process flow definition to the detailed simulation and equipment sizing and New plant start up. During that period, I also took classes part time in University of Houston, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department Concentrated in the area of Digital control, microprocessor system design, Analog filter design, Data structure, and Device Physics.


In Silicon Valley , I started my career in Semiconductor industry in the area of semiconductor process Technology development , New product development , and Analog Design in companies like Philips Research Center Sunnyvale in device physics and modeling , Texas Instrument Fairchild Research Center in the semiconductor process Technology development , Nvidia in  product development of GPU, Analog Design tool in the development Of Macrobehavior models of discrete components for the design and simulation of big Analog system .

During my career, I started the following companies in Silicon Valley:

  • Device Modeling Technology :

    • developed the world's largest Analog Behaviour model library ,

    • product was successfully sold to Europe, Japan market through distributors

  • Nervotronix :

    • Developed the new algorithm with error compensation Technology to extract the critical parameters of Neural network with hundreds of thousands of historical (input, output) data sets, the neural network model can be used in various industrial applications

  • In 2019 July , I was awarded the Patent right by US patent office for the invention of “ GLOCKENSPIEL POWER GENERATOR “

    • PN#: US010367395B2

I have extreme passion in Technology , Science and education . Since 2011 I started to teach in various local learning centers during the week end , such as Achieve learning center, Russian School of mathematics , in the subjects of High School Mathematics, College Calculus , college Physics, College Chemistry and get very good results and appreciated by the parents , and sent many students into their dream universities ,such as Stanford, MIT , UC Berkeley, UCLA  …etc . When I heard that my students got approved by their dream schools or they got very good results in the AP or SAT Exam , I always feel happy for them and that I have achieved something which is important for our society   .


Finally , opportunity is for people who prepared, I welcome students to join our class , and take the challenges in our school . let’s work together to work for your future , the future is challenging, but challenge also means new opportunities for people who prepare .

Thanks again and welcome to visit our web site

Adult Students

Hi! My name is Sreekumar G. 

I am an accomplished electrical engineer and programmer and had enjoyed  using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that  happened every day at my workplace. I graduated with an undergraduate  degree in Electronics and Communications from Manipal Institute of Technology. Following which, I completed my graduation from Georgia Institute of Technology with an emphasis in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI). 

After my education, I had worked as Design, Test and Technical Lead Engineer for various departments in the bay area working with Microprocessors and  High Speed Communications in Marvell, Intel and Finisar. I received various  performance awards and design wins for the companies I worked for.  While completing my Master’s program I worked as a student assistant for my  graduate professor and helped his under-graduate students achieve excellent  grades in their course curriculum. I continued coaching high school students in  the bay area where I worked, to enable them to get into UC system (Including UC  LA, Berkley, San Diego & Santa Cruz) and Ivy League Colleges. In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking, aero-modeling and flying propeller or jet air planes.